Who Will Host World Juniors 2021

In a separate announcement Thursday, the IIHF cancelled all other tournaments on its schedule through to the top of January. This includes Olympic qualifying competitions, lower-division under-20 tournaments and every one the women’s under-18 world championships.

Due to the cancelling of the lower-tier under-20 tournaments, the World Juniors 2021 Live announced that there'll be no relegation or promotion between divisions occurring for that age bracket .

The IIHF also announced Thursday that it'll undergo a review of the circumstances surrounding the 2021 men’s world championships, which are currently scheduled to be hosted by Minsk, Belarus, and Riga, Latvia next summer. thanks to the political unrest in Belarus, the Latvian government had previously requested Minsk be faraway from co-hosting duties.

“This is that the first time that a government of a number nation has indicated its unwillingness to stay a tournament co-host with another host nation thanks to political reasons,” Fasel said during a statement. “The IIHF is deeply concerned over the recent events unfolding in Minsk, but as a sports federation, the IIHF isn't a political entity and can't move a tournament for political reasons.

“However, the IIHF is liable for ensuring that every tournament host can guarantee the health and safety of the players, officials, and spectators.”

The IIHF will form an “Expert Group” to review every aspect of the upcoming tournament, including from financial, medical, event, marketing, sport, legal and administrative perspectives. The findings from the investigation are going to be presented in November at subsequent IIHF Council meeting.A tremendous amount of labor has been put into the design of the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship, and that we appreciate the IIHF’s consideration of our hosting proposal for the event.

Hockey Canada believes it'll be ready to host a secure and successful event for all participants and therefore the community at large this year by following strict safety protocols set forth by the acceptable health authorities.The 2021 edition of the tournament will feature 10 teams split into two groups of 5 . the primary group, Pool A, will feature Canada, Finland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany. Pool B will include Russia, Sweden, the us , Czech Republic and Austria.

Specific details on travel and quarantine requirements for the ten teams weren't announced by the IIHF Thursday. As a results of Edmonton and Cervus elaphus now hosting two years during a row, Sweden, the first 2022 host-country, will now host the tournament in 2024.

It was not a superiority for us to be placed in as we've started preparations along side the town of Gothenburg to host next year, said Swedish hockey Association President Anders Larsson during a statement. But we had constructive discussions with Hockey Canada and therefore the IIHF. We understood that this switch was necessary to preserve Canada’s capability to host the Juniors this season, especially considering all the extra investment that they need to make now to make sure the tournament are often played during a safe environment. We are confident that along side the IIHF we'll find an answer to hide the already-invested costs. Click Here For More Details About World Juniors.

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